Regular Maintenance

Maintenance Detail        £60 – £80

The purpose of this particular service is to keep your vehicle looking exactly how it did when it initially left us after one of the bespoke treatments. It is strictly for those with a regular, weekly, fortnightly or monthly booking.
The service includes…A snow foam pre wash and two bucket and grit guard wash is used to ensure swirls and scratches are kept to an absolute minimum.
Wheels are cleaned all the way to the back, brake calipers, door shuts, boot shuts, fuel filler recess and engine bay are all kept looking their best.
The interior is also treated to a thorough vacuum and all surfaces are cleaned and wiped down including all glass.


Maintenance Detail Plus +        £150 – £180

This service is certainly not needed as often as the above package but is intended as a quarterly or bi-yearly alternative (depending on how much use the vehicle gets).
No matter how careful you are, your car will inevitably pick up tar and other environmental contaminants while you drive and your chosen protection will degrade. This service is designed to remove any contamination and refresh or re-apply the protection layer on the paint, wheels, plastics and glass. Interior protection i.e. leather or fabric guard is also re-applied.
All the products used will compliment the ones used on the initial detail.