Paint Protection Film

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film brings paint protection to a whole new level. An optically clear, gloss enhancing, polyurethane film that protects against stone chips, light scuffs and scratches, bird lime and insect burns, the list goes on.
In addition to that, it’s also self healing which means and light scratches that appear over time due to washing/abrasion can be healed with the use of hot water or hot air, effectively making it look brand new again.

There are different coverage options available depending on your specific needs so please to have a look through the list and if there’s anything you’d like to know that’s not already been answered then drop us a call or email. We’re happy to help.

Full front end

This is the entry level protection package. It covers the main impact areas and protects them from the dreaded stone chips.

Areas Covered; Full bonnet, front bumper, front wings, door mirrors.

Prices from £1500 + VAT

Performance pack

Probably the most popular option that’s a great bolt on extra to the front end.

Areas covered; Full bonnet, front bumper, front wings, door mirrors, ‘A’ pillars, front section of roof (if available), side skirts, section of rear arches.

Prices from £1800 +VAT

Full car

Full coverage is the ultimate package. Front to back, top to bottom, making sure every available part of the vehicle is full protected. Giving you total piece of mind

Areas covered; whole car.

Prices from £4000 +VAT